IMMP comes with limited support for migrating from another bot framework.


The immp-migrate-hangoutsbot.py script will read a bot’s config and memory JSON files, and produce an initial IMMP config file and database:

$ immp-migrate-hangoutsbot.py \
    ~/.local/share/hangoutsbot/config.json \
    ~/.local/share/hangoutsbot/memory.json \
    data/config.yaml \

Hangouts will be configured as standard. Slack will be added from a SlackRTM plugin config, and Telegram from telesync. Any bridged chats will be recreated using Sync.

A Commands handler will be added with /bot as the command prefix. Any tl;dr entries will be copied to Notes, for the synced channel if synced, else the Hangouts chat.

For each user with a nickname set, their Hangouts user will be added to a Local identity hook. If profile-synced with SlackRTM or telesync, the corresponding Slack/Telegram links will be added to their identity.


Each identity will be created without a password – users will need to use the id-password command to set one before confirming any further identity links.